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Kirkcaldy Politicians

Kirkcaldy is within the Fife Council local authority area. It has four wards, each with 3 councillors. Nationally, the Scottish Parliament constituency is the same as the town name, and is part of the Mid-Scotland and Fife Region. At a UK level, it is part of the Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath constituency.

Kirkcaldy's MP 

Roger Mullin (SNP) represents Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath in the parliament at Westminster.

Kirkcaldy's MSP

David Torrance (SNP) represents Kirkcaldy in the Scottish Parliament (Holyrood) in Edinburgh. Visit his page on the parliament site here.

Kirkcaldy's Regional MSPs

Kirkcaldy is part of the Mid-Scotland and Fife region in the Scottish Parliament. The system of regional MSPs is designed to help the parliament better reflect the proportion of votes the parties won.

  • Annabelle Ewing (SNP)
  • Willie Rennie (Liberal Democrat)
  • Murdo Fraser (Conservative)
  • Elizabeth Smith (Conservative)
  • John Park (Labour)
  • Claire Brennan-Baker (Labour)
  • Richard Simpson (Labour)


Kirkcaldy North

  • Neil Crooks (Labour)
  • Carol Lindsay (SNP)
  • David Ross (Labour) 

Kirkcaldy East

  • Lawrence Brown (Labour)
  • Kay Carrington (Labour)
  • Marie Penman (SNP) 

Kirkcaldy Central

  • Judy Hamilton (Labour)
  • Stuart MacPhail (SNP)
  • Kenny Selbie (Labour) 

Burntisland, Kinghorn & Western Kirkcaldy

  • Peter George (Labour)
  • George Kay (SNP)
  • Susan Leslie (Liberal Democrats) 
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