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Kirkcaldy High Street

Kirkcaldy High StreetThe High Street runs parallel to the esplanade. It is divided into three areas - the central pedestrianised areas, and the sections to the east and west (with limited car access and parking available).

The pedestrianised area is mainly retail space, with many brand-named shops. There is also access to the Mercat shopping centre through its main entrance, with additional access through Marks & Spencers, Boots and BHS.

Shops & Services

For a full list, please see the website of Kirkcaldy4all - the name of Kirkcaldy's town centre business improvement district.


Parking is available at several points around the town centre. On-street parking is limited at the two ends of the High Street (the central area is pedestrianised).

There are some free spaces around the town centre, limited to between 30 minutes and 2 hours.

There are three main multi-storey car parks on the esplanade side of the High Street. The Mercat car park is accessed from the bottom of Tollbooth Street from the esplanade (map). This has two-levels, with the top floor being level with the shopping area. The Esplanade Car Park is to the south, again accessed from the Esplanade (map) and is the largest of the three. The Thistle Car Park sits next to the Esplanade car park, but the road leading to it can only be accessed from Thistle Street (map). All three multi-storey car parks have foot access to the Mercat shopping centre.

To the north of the High Street, parking is available above the Postings (map). This is accessed from Hunter Street.

Parking charges, set by Fife Council start at £1/hour. You can see a map of the parking spots here.

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