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If you are having difficulty with some aspect of the site, the following may help. If you continue to have trouble, contact the admin.

Creating Pages

If you have a topic that you feel others would benefit from learning about, consider creating a page. This should be something you can write about. If you've got less than 200 words, consider adding it as a section to existing page.

Before you begin, use the search box at the top of the page to see if there is already a page on the topic. If not, choose Site>Create a New Page from the drop-down menus.

Editing Pages

At the bottom of most pages, there is a an "Edit This Page" link. Click this, and (as long as you are logged in) and editor window will open. Make your changes, and click submit. Providing they are accepted, they'll be published on the site shortly after.

Formatting Pages

In order to keep things consistent, please keep your main text the standard size of 3(12pt). Footnotes at the bottom should be made small text 1(8pt).

Don't just make the text bigger if you want to add a headline. Use the drop-down menu to format main headings as Heading 2 (will appear blue and underlined across the page) with sub-headines as Heading 3 (appear bold and blue).

Adding an Event

Use this page to add a new event. Events should take place within Kirkcaldy. Ideally, don't post the event too early (i.e. more than a fortnight before). If you want to remove or edit event information, contact the admin.

Logging In

If you have a problem with logging in, such as having forgotton your password or username, please contact the admin.

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