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Adam Smith College Facilities
Friday 3rd February 2012 at 14:40
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Hi James,

The requirements you refer to are not mine but over 100 applicants that have been to BAE have failed the induction welding test when I was there December. The welding training Adam Smith has to offer does not meet the present welding climate in the discipline stated in the letter from BAE. That the position as to the deployment/allocation of welders from local areas to meet welding standards required by companies {ENGLISH} in Rosyth are vacancies {SCOTTISH} also being taken by trained welders South and out of the local areas in the neighbourhood of Rosyth and as a consequence Scottish job applications are failing due to ADAM SMITH type establishments fail to organise there programmes that meet this welding discipline. It is current that the General assessment your department has to offer in the light of expediting correct programmes to meet the skilled welding job market in our area fails on a number of legal technical issues and should be brought to the attention of the DEAN of the college.Fife is the sixth largest black spot in the UK with an ever rising lack of resources for training and the blame for this inadequecy of training lies with a failure of responsibility, that instrumentation to the detriment of jobs being filled by locals is in the hands of operators in the hierarchal scheme that are foriegn to our present demographic climate.I would be greatful if you could convey this to the DEAN alternatively I will report this issue with a copy of this letter to the relevant constituency involved.


Paul Kay Foster Mackenzie [ADMIN EDIT - ADDRESS REMOVED]

Friday 3rd February 2012 at 18:41
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I'm not sure why this was posted, but I presume it was to draw to light issues with the running and standards of Adam Smith College that echo those that have recently been raised in the local press.

Although this letter was addressed to an individual, it does have wider public-interest issues that deserve open discussion. As the letter is not given in context (i.e. the initial letter that prompted this response) it would be helpful if the original poster would offer some background information.

A postal address at the bottom was removed, but other than that I have left it as is.

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Tuesday 27th August 2013 at 19:37
debbie mcewan
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