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Thursday 8th December 2011 at 10:29
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How much is this event costing? to build it, NHS Fife will be paying over £17 million a year for 30 years - a total of almost £520 million - for the new PPP Victoria Hospital wing in Kirkcaldy. this new hospital is an upgrade to handle both increase in population and technology to cope with patients needs, we are paying for it some of us with our National Insurance contributions, all we need to go with this is more specialist type doctors, my GP recommends after taking 3 blood samples to see a specialist at Forth Park sex clinic and an appointment booked, that on that same day appointment gets a ring from Forth Park to defer appointment till Thursday same place as no specialists available, the irony of it all is that Monday 12/12/11 would be available with two staff not specialists who are less qualified than my GP who recommended me to see that specialist, alternatively appointments from Forth Park sex clinic can arrange for you see someone at either Carnegie or St Margarets Dunfermline, this is a classic example of a shortage of Doctors.

from Paul Kay Foster Mackenzie

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