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Forum House Rules

1. Be civil

You can politely disagree, but don't be rude and become disrespectful. Anyone you insult may live closer to you than you think.

Putting everything in CAPITALS makes you look like an idiot, and most people won't read what you say.

3. Don't Break The Law
You are not immune from the law here, so be careful about defaming or threatening other people, businesses or organisations. Your computer address will be logged, and passed on to the authorities if necessary.

4. Don't scare newbies
If someone is new to the site and forum, let them make an innocent mistake or two. Help, don't humiliate.

5. Full Disclosure
Declare any relationship you have with sites you link to, or viewpoints of things you are involved with. No glowing reviews of your own restaurant.

6. No affiliate linking
Avoid posting any links where you earn money if people visit and buy something.

7. No multiple usernames
The IP addresses of all users are logged, and if it's obvious the same person is logging in as various users, this will be highlighted to other users.

8. Report Wrongdoing
Although the admins keep an eye on things, some may slip through. Please contact an admin if you notice anything that shouldn't be there.

9. Use Google/Bing/Ask
Don't ask questions where the information is available elsewhere online.

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