» 10 Ways to Benefit From This Site

10 Ways to Benefit From This Site

So you may have taken a look around, but have you noticed everything yet? Here are 10 quick ways to get the most out of Kirkcaldy's website.

1. Learn About Kirkcaldy

There are a lot of pages here on things all around you. Use the navigation buttons at the top of the screen to dig down into the site or use the search box to find pages, events and forum messages.

2. Join Up

Sign up to the site. You'll be able to post messages in all the forums, add events & photos and get e-mail updates.

3. Get the Weekly Digest

You don't need to keep coming back to the site to make sure you don't miss out on something. The Weekly Digest is a summary of the most popular forum posts of the past week, along with upcoming events in the town. You'll get the option of subscribing when you sign up to the site, and can opt out at any time.

4. Edit Pages

Have you read an article on the site, and think you've got something to add? Or is something out of date, and you want to update it? You can edit most pages on the site. Just look for the "Edit This Page" link at the bottom of the page.

5. Create Your Own Page

Got an idea for a page? Use the search box at the top-right of every page to see if a page already exists on the topic. If not, create your own page.

6. Add a Photo

If you've got a digital camera, take a few shots of the town and upload them to the relevant album.

7. Post an Event

Is your group holding an event, and are looking for more people to come along? As well as appearing on the site, your event will also be e-mailed to members via the Weekly Digest.

8. Take Part in the Forum

While you may just decide to "lurk" around the forum, and see what others are posting, it's more fun to take part. Are you searching in vain online for something local... why not ask some real people.

9. Use the Social Bookmarking Tools

There are buttons and boxes on many of the pages, linking directly to your social networking sites such as Facebook. Like it, Share it, Bookmark it, Tweet it.

10. Spread The Word

The more people that use the site, the more useful it will get for everyone. 

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